Enhance Your Creative Ideas and Thoughts Discussing Directly with the Experts!

Are you searching for a compelling platform to share innovative ideas? Being a tech-savvy person, you must be aware, science and tech advancements have set the future trend. You may not be confident about your innovative idea but an open discussion with the key experts or leaders could help to scale up your ideas. Communicating with the experts you will be able to get a future vision of the innovative idea. The innovative idea could be related to fields like science, engineering, management, etc and you need such a platform that brings the leading researchers, scientists, engineers, industrialists and common man together!

Attend the Scopus Conference 2017-18- ICISDSMT

ICISDSMT has announced Scopus indexed conference 2017 to be held at Mysore on 16th-17th December 2017. With this conference, we aim to bring the leading global professionals together. It is essential to stay updated with the advancement of technology and likewise get adapted to the altering scenarios. This international conference provides the pathway to directly update from the key experts from the respective fields. At this 2nd international conference, everyone gets the best opportunity to introduce, share and discuss varied developments and advancements in fields of engineering, science, and management.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Get Your Research Paper Published

If you are a researcher, engineer, scientist or industrialist, don’t miss the opportunity of attending the conference! High-quality papers will be invited for extension in different reputed journals. Participate in this conference with journal publication 2017 and grab the chance of publishing your research paper with any of the leading journals. If you are a common man having interest in the tech developments, attend this conference to update your knowledge and skills. Among the leaders, you will be able to nurture your creative and innovative spirit with the tech advancements and contribute your share for development of the society.

We Invite Innovative Ideas and Unique Insights

At the conference Scopus 2017 you can share your insights and ideas about the tech advancements with the global leaders expected to participate from different parts of the world.  This conference offers a better networking opportunity to the participants. Academicians, post-graduates, researchers, scientists, industrialists, and engineers will be able to discuss and address the tech advancements and the challenges in the field of engineering, technology, science, and management. ICISDSMT’s prime goal is to provide a common platform for everyone to share their unique insights and drive innovation. The main motto of this conference is to bridge the knowledge of diverse disciplines and resources for the best outcomes.

Acquire Vital Skills in Tech Advancements

ICISDSMT conference 2017 Scopus involves a 3-hour workshop for data analysis on SPSS. Attending this workshop, the participants can acquire vital skills by using the SPSS’s software package for statistical analysis. This software is used widely in almost every sector. This software is magical as it helps the users to analyze the research data in a proficient way. For humanity development with sustainability guarantee, this conference facilitates the best participants. Don’t miss the golden opportunity!

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